High-Quality Crushed Asphalt and Concrete 

Whether you are in need of crushed asphalt or crushed stones, Modern Concrete is the right choice for you. Since 1963, we have been providing stones and concrete materials in Flint, Otisville, Davison, Swartz Creek, Lapeer, Saginaw and the surrounding areas.

With our heavily constructed concrete blocks, you can start building a simple berm or a wall. All our aggregate materials are state-certified granular materials such as sand, gravel or crushed stones. To learn more about Modern Concrete, call us at (810) 407-5065. 

We Offer:

  • Decorative Concrete Blocks
  • Large Concrete Blocks
  • Crushed Concrete
  • Concrete Recycling
  • Crushed Stones
  • Crushed Asphalt
  • Aggregate Materials
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